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the orbzone- impersonal trainer 8-21-16
August 22, 2016 09:52 AM PDT
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Read along at home:


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I'm experience client been working out for 9 years and I been looking for a good trainer who I can be accountable with. These trainers these day from California Family Fitness, 24 Hours and Gold Gyms are nothing but a joke. These so called "bums" who are looking to make money and NOT give results are just there for only recreational and not for health. They make whole a lot of promises and "never" deliver. I willing to pay for a good trainer and want somebody who is like Bob and Julian on the Biggest Loser. There are TOO many pussy footers who train that only kiss ass to their clients. There are trainers who look at their watches and put a time clock on their clients or they too busy looking and checking out women and NOT paying attention to their clients. The biggest problem with those gym trainers they are always on they damn cell phone. You know your not suppose to be on a phone while training with a client. Also, the biggest "pet peas" is when the trainer tell the client to go on the "tread mill" and leave the client while working on somebody else. Its like telling the client, "I have to put my clothes in the washing machine and the dryer, I'll be right back". I like trainers who take personal training and is paying attention to their clients or take their clients health serious. If you "can't" do this, then you shouldn't be training at all and go find another job. I'd been working with a lot of trainer 2 years ago and was very disappointed. They gave me all that bull crap about i will get you to your full potential. What I'm looking for in a trainer is a non-bull-crap trainer do doesn't take none of my whining. When i took on a good friend who happens to train he was very committed, but up to a point. I don't like guys who i pay for the training to BE ON THE CELL PHONE or CHECKING OUT GIRLS and not focusing on the client. That irritates me and I lose all focus and confidence my trainer. Its hard to find a hard working and motivated trainer needs to shut down his client and give him the Jersey Shore physic. I want the trainer is like Bob or Julian on The Biggest Loser. I'm great shape and i lost 30 pounds and I'm very strong. What i want is very very cut arms and chest. I really don't bull-crap scenarios saying I' will get you there. Just get me there, and let me be the judge. Most importantly, the trainer and the client has to "click" with the same personality, because if both personality don't work, then its not going to work out unfortunately. I like that military drill workout where the trainer tell me to shut up and do it, just like Bob from the Biggest Loser. If you want to think about training and want to give me a TRIAL training let me know here is my number below. By the looks at this ad, I'll probably won't find and maybe not find that perfect trainer. I guess that's why a lot of clients that I spoke to in the gym agree with me that "good trainers are hard to find." If that trainer is you, then give me a call and we can talk about payment.

VERY IMPORTANT: These Teenager Kids at "24 hour Fitness", "California Family Fitness", and "Gold's Gym" are there only just to get by and not making any promises to the clients. 24 Hour Fitness tells there employees to sell more training because they are on a "quota". That is very insulting to client.
Important Story: From California Family Fitness Trainer Manager: She was told to sell as much training, and that she said to me that we, CCF are only for the Entertainment value and not for the fitness. That is why the Train Manager quit because she felt that it was a "scam" like selling cars and driving off the a "lemon"

2nd Story: From 24 hour Trainer i spoke with in my person on 6/18/2010: He told that he was only in it for the sale and 24 hour told him sell as much training for the business aspect and not for the fitness. He was ask by the District Manager, and use a lot of "selling talking point" just to get the customer to sign and get their money, and not to give result right away. This is coming from a former Trainer at 24 hour Fitness. He also told me that to stretch the training as much as possible and NOT to show results right away, because that way, you can get more training session from the client and taking more money from the client and that way the client will show result a lot longer. That is very pathetic.

This goes to show you that there is a lot of scam artist trainers out there, who make promises and they don't deliver.

BEWARE: Beware of trainers when they say, "I will get you to your full potential" or make promises. When these trainers start saying that, my suggestion to you do is. turn around and. RUN!!!!!..... AND KEEP RUNNING AND DON'T TURN YOUR BACK.

PS: If I like the physical workout training and I feel I want to continue, then we can talk about finance.

Also, if you read this and you know that that you DON'T respond to this ad, then it tells me that your a lousy trainer and you can't handle criticism and you know I'm right.

Here are some examples of Personal Trainers problems and issues:

1. They don't follow up with their clients
2. Personal Trainers always pushes out their client's calendar training sessions out on regular basis.
3. Personal Trainers always put their client's on a time-clock and always scanning their watch or looking for way to leave their clients behind.
4. Plus bad trainer cancels their clients appointment in the very last minute, now that's a bad trainer. If you can plan ahead or foresee of what you have to do with your stupid families ahead of time and can't give your clients heads up beforehand. Then why in the hell are you training, I just can't believe it. Please get out of the industry your just taking up space.
5. The call to cancel on the text, instead the Personal Trainer should be calling them clients over the phone and NOT hiding behind their text for cancellation. Stop relying on your texting for moral support and call your client and learn how to move your mouth for conversations.

Look here is the deal with you Personal Trainer's. If you have family and personal responsibilities like all of us do, then why are you in this industry when you know how much it takes so much responsibility in the first place, I will never understand that. You have to remember your clients and health comes first in this industry. "I think Personal Trainer's has a tendency to forget that they should being this for the right reason and not for the wrong reason."

Note: Some personal trainers also go into the industry for the wrong reason is because they want to train mostly women so that the can find a soul-mate and say to their friends they met each other became together as a client. Why don't personal trainers keep their personal life out of their professional life and their professional life out of their personal life.

What makes you a good trainer is when you train everybody and don't be a sexist. I hear some trainers that some of their clients are women, but some trainer don't train men and those trainer are asking for trouble in the industry. It doesn't matter what industry you are in, you need to professional at ALL times no matter what education or background you have its just that simple.

Note: If your a good trainer, then call me. You may not like to read this, but that OK, its my opinion not your. I think women should train women and men should train men, because men don't take good order from women and women don't take good order from men. That's because its a superiority and power issue that we all have. Women have a chip off their shoulders when it comes to men, and Men have their chip off their shoulders when it comes women. Women who are married with men, their husbands get jealous of training the opposite sex and it goes the other way around. Keep it simple trainers and keep it professional and keep it same status its less headaches.

So, give me a call if your the quality of a trainer should be thanks...

Here are some examples of bad trainer...that stands out with the crowd and lazy that don't give a damn, especially at Crunch, Nor-Cal (closed down and bankrupt, from Justin, Mr Pretend Business man), and California Family Fitness (Meat Market and Matchmaker Gym...that stinks without ventilation and a do nothing gym. They have a swimming pool that nobody uses for the price, when most people have one in their background. I would never take a chance to go a gym with a swimming pool, when people probably urinate in it). And the NEW one that has nothing but a scary atmosphere and environment that has graffiti all over the place very Oakland, Ca) Below is the picture of that gym. Please don't be taken for a sucker like you did with Nor-Cal, CED Powerhouse (Sold to bills that are behind over a year period), Powerhouse (3 owners who were fighting to be rich with a terrible staff) and Hilltop (filed bankruptcy and locked their doors from their members. Below is the new shack attack "hole-in-the-wall" gym that you can dress up for the Halloween and people will never know it. The gym has trainers that know nothing about training except using a "shoe horn" and using that for a shoe.

Trainers knows nothing about "accountability and personal responsibility" when it comes to their clients. I went to 24 hours, California Fitness, Nor-Cal (out-of-business), Gold's Gym (out-of-business) and if you watch their training they have their clients twisted like a pretzel doing nothing and NOT making them sweat.

I seen trainers "prey" on Senior Citizen and take their money and the Seniors never see results. That is how Seniors who are retired and on Social Security are guaranteed to pay their trainers and keep the long term and don't show immediate results without losing them.

I seen also trainers "prey" on overweight people and make them show no immediate results as quickly so that they can keep them long term as well for their own financial benefits. This has been going for years, just watch them the trainers when you go to a gym carefully and you will get your answers.

Importantly, its very sad that clients will just pay for a bodybuilding female or male just to have them pose for them or be good looking to stand there for looks, so that personal trainers can here their problem of their clients and act as a "liaison" for the Dr. Phil. Its sad that clients have a low self-esteem issue and have them to tell their personal trainer their problems when they the clients are suppose to be working and paying them. Clients are paying personal trainer to train and not stand there just be pretty with a lot of make-up on their face or have a lot gel on their hair. If you want somebody like that customer then hire an escort who you can hang out with for the day and have dinner with. Your paying for a trainer NOT a psychiatrist.

Preying on people who really need their health to live a long happy life for financial gain, is really "disheartening" and "despicable", especially when people (seniors, overweight, etc.) is on a fixed income. You should be doing this because you have the passion for people to see them healthy and live happy longer live and not for bragging rights.

Below is a shack with a heart attack gym or a mole with a hole in the hall with crooked trainers. Trainers has one thing that is missing and I know what it is...

But if your a trainer in which I hold ground and had a trainer for 2 years and your it and got what it takes then I will brag about you to everybody including a brand new gym who I know will let your train without paying rent and your keep all the 100% percent.

If you can't do both "strength" and "cardio" then you must be a lousy trainer. If you want can't workout with your client and run sometimes with your client with cardio and also do some strength trainer, then don't say that you been in the military, credentials, or experience, cause that don't mean nothing unless your do both. I know trainers that just do strength and no cardio and they are still fat with a lot of muscle and their BMI is still high and is still consider over weight.

Note: DO NOT give your money to personal trainers that ask for a full month of training, due to the fact they can take your money and run and you will never hear back from them. Contracts mean nothing cause they man manipulate that contract to their benefit. Just give them on a weekly basis so that you won lose that much money on the long run. At least you will lose a week of payment rather a full month. Just like Crunch, 24 hr, or Family Fitness. Remember, trainers can be absent and they will hand your over to another trainer who don't know about your body chemistry and will just train you just for the hell of it.

*** Important Note** Don't be taken by trainers that say that they want a full month upfront payment because you "don't know" that you will never hear from them again and will take your money. I've seen that before and don't let them convince you or talk into of saying, "I will never do that" that's when they will. You will be taken for a sucker. Just give them weekly payment so that You will never lose that much money on the long run. In other words, its better to pay a trainer weekly and lose a weeks pay than a month pay, get it?

***2nd Important Note*** Don't hire trainers that ONLY communicate by text. Clients are "never" ever suppose to or communicate by text and don't get force by your trainer that he doesn't talk over the phone, that is "bad business practice." A trainer should ALWAYS be available for the clients at all times by phone based by the available time by the trainer, IF they are not, then fire that personal trainer. NOT TEXTING ALLOWED BY THE CLIENT. The reason being, is because if they are not available then you know that something is up and that personal training will do either 2 things he will run off with your money or never be heard ever again. If that personal trainer can't afford or be available a phone DONT hire that person. Clients needs to be smart and prepared of getting some kind of contract with some picture of the driver license of some sort by the personal trainer. If that personal trainer doesn't have a contract don't hire him/her. That contract should have a driver license so that just in case you need to put that personal trainer into collection you have that information if that personal trainer doesn't fulfilled his or her part of the bargain (contract). There is a lot of scammers out there and its not that I been taken but we all been taken by somebody I hope you will understand that these personal trainers have no place of taken of advantage of people. What I say to these personal trainer. Get a real job and leave the honest personal training to the experts.

Along with those lines, be careful of personal trainer or major gyms who make excuses of telling that your personal trainer won't be in.

Lets start with the Independent Personal Trainer 1st.
Personal Trainers who are Independent have a tendency of making excuses of not showing up for their clients and keep pushing their training dates...on and on and have their clients have missing several training for that week. Some of their excuses are really bad that don't add up at all and you probably heard of the before. (sick, family matters, wife, girlfriend, ie etc) You get these 2, 3 or maybe 4 times in a month. Its really getting old and people (clients) are getting a really bad rap from these trainers who don't back it up.

2nd Corporate Trainers.
Corporate Trainers always sick all the times because they figure if they do, that they can pass their clients to another available personal trainer in that gym, but that clients "does not" want a new trainer and that's is not what they paid for.

Here is my advice to ALL personal trainer big or small in a gym. If you feel you can't keep with your clients and you full have full plate on your lap, then why do you torture yourself with all the agony, give it to somebody that will take or make the time to spend with the clients and not just do it for convenience. Remember you are being watch ALL over to ALL gyms by member who walk into gyms and see that a personal trainer is training clients.

Here are the most common made up excuses when personal trainers cancel their clients sessions

car problems, my dogs is sick, I will feel sick (when they are not sick and end up being a bar hanging out with their friends or girlfriend), My family emergency (when their don't have an emergency), excuses after excuses after excuses.


For the Clients:

If you, ie Personal Trainer cancels on the day of my session regardless of an emergency mention above, then the Personal Trainer owes a "free" session each time when their personal trainer cancel each day when their clients without questions. The clients needs to put that on the contract when Personal Trainers is signed or "don't" hire that Personal Trainer. Its time for Personal Trainers to start taking "personal responsibility" for their actions and start putting their clients, academic credentials and workout on the line

For the Personal Trainer:

If the clients cancels with regardless of excuses and it fall on the day of the session, then the clients loses that session and the personal trainer gains of getting paid and takes away a session from the client.

It works both ways it takes 2 to tango as they say. People are tired of getting scammed by personal trainers in gyms and its time to put up or shut up and get some integrity and honesty people.

THE GYM is Number#1 (ON BRADSHAW) But...trainers are the opposite when you want your client to give you 24 hours for cancellation (I'm talking to you Personal Trainers) then you need to give the same respect to your clients as Personal Trainer (and you know who you are that I'm writing about in this statement) and everybody at The Gym, 24 hour, California Family Fitness, and many more. If you penciled your clients in your calendar book, then you be respectful and keep your commitment unless a family emergency. Don't expect your clients to read your mind it doesn't work and take personal responsibility and not make excuses cause it really gets old. Your reputation is on the line and people do talk of what you did and can lose your clients along the way. Too many minds games with their clients with very little work.

Here is the important "kicker" as they say - I know Personal Trainers who charge astronomical large amount of money like 50-60 and hour are not worth that, especially when they are very too laid back and milking the time with very little workout with their clients and I know Personal Trainers who charge 30-40 and hour who should be worth 50-60 because they give their clients what they paid for. I think Personal Training has taking a major turn nowadays its just like not what it use to and its lost motivation and its flavor in trainers these days. I think people are not doing it for career and just doing it for the extra cash to in it in their pockets and while going to school. Thats cool in all, but while your still getting paid and your clients are paying you with their hard earn cash and money don't grow on trees personal trainers should take it serious, especially when their clients are putting a 150 percent and giving that back to their trainers around their trainers should do that in return.

So, I have a questions to all Personal Trainers and think about this and looking in the mirror and tell yourself this: Are you really worth 50-60 buck an hour when you should be charging 30-40 instead

And...for the Personal Trainers that are charging 30-40 bucks tell yourself this: Are you really worth 30-40 bucks and an hour when you should be charging 50-60 hour.

Remember, you are as good session and your training and not as good as think you are in your mind.

IF YOUR GOOD LETS SEE TAKE ME AS A CLIENT AND I WILL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT, LET SEE WHAT YOU GOT. What I means is, lets see that your not just like all the "scum bags" who do repeat training the same workout over and over again. If you people are just the "gullible" who suck up to pathetic trainers and let them take your money then your are "gullible or sucker" that let them. If your a smart clients who are a good judge of character that don't then your more cautious then your more cautious than those that do. Good trainers will give you what you want as results and train you the way you want to be trained and not their (trainers) way.
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
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